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2017 Newnan High School Cheerleading Program

Committed To Success

Newnan High School Varsity & Junior Varsity Football Cheerleading Program

The Cheerleaders at Newnan High School represent Newnan High as well as their community. Our Cheerleaders not only promote school spirit but also stay involved with the community. We promote responsibility in leadership amongst peers, good sportsmanship, and teamwork to achieve our team goals.

Due to our high standards, members of the NHS cheerleading squad are expected to maintain a higher standard of behavior both on and off of the field.

Newnan High Football Season

Leadership skills include traits like emotional stability, dominance, self-assurance, boldness, intuitiveness, charisma, empathy and enthusiasm. Success in any high level positions require skills in leadership.

School Spirit

To us school spirit means representing Newnan High School proudly through behavior that paints our school and community with pride, Cougar Nation style.


To achieve excellence in sports you must work as a team. The values of teamwork are instilled in our Cheerleaders through the exceptional leadership of our coaching staff.

newnan cougars
Academic Excellence

Newnan High School is a school of Academic Achievements and we require our students who participate in our sports programs to maintain a level of academic excellence.

We Are A Team

An essential part of life is the ability to work with other people to achieve a goal. Teamwork makes you a better cheerleader, but it also sets you up for success outside of the gym. The Newnan High School Cheerleading program emphasizes all areas of teamwork each and every practice, event, and game.

The Coaches at NHS teach our Cheerleaders various aspects of teamwork and emphasis the importance of each of their roles.


There are a lot of choices cheerleading squads have to make, from what uniforms to pick out to what music to use and what to do at fundraisers and pep rallies. Even the coach makes some of these decisions, there’s still plenty you have to collaborate on as a team. Cheerleading teaches you how to brainstorm, hear each other out, and make the best decision together for the team.


Cheerleading at Newnan High School is a team sport. Our Cheerleaders actions affect the whole team. If a member skips practice, the whole team suffers because the squad can’t practice certain stunts and parts of the routine without everyone in attendance. Even missing a practice, not eating right, or not getting enough sleep can affect your team if you aren’t at your best for a game.



A cheer coach only has so many eyes, arms, and ears. Our Head Cheerleaders are able to assist the other members for additional critiques and assistance. They are experienced and know when and how to give constructive feedback to their teammates, As well as provide support when needed. Learning and growing together is a huge aspect of teamwork.


Most cheerleading skills require multiple people. Even with tumbling, one person tumbling alone doesn’t make for a very exciting cheer routine. You need each other, and every cheerleader understands this. Cheerleading is a team sport.




Even apart from pyramids and perfectly timed choreography, you need each other. We’ve all had those practices we just wouldn’t have been able to get through without our teammates' support or mental blocks we couldn’t have overcome without encouragement from each other.

Awards In Excellence

AAAAA Region Championships

Our NHS Football Program has won multiple regional championships in the AAAAA class.

State Records

The Students at NHS hold a variety of State Records in different sports within our Athletics Department.

Award Winning School

Newnan High School has been named a "School of Excellence" three times.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Georgia Accrediting Commission

This Is Our Story

Newnan High School has built a legacy over the past 65 years of teaching through sports academics, and community.

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